Infoline +48 177170800
Time Number Flight Status
21:45 FR 3473 London (luton) Canceled
22:30 FR 7623 East midlands Canceled
22:45 FR 863 Dublin Canceled
05:30 LO 3804 Warsaw Canceled
06:05 LH 1607 Munich Canceled

ATTENTION! Due to the decision made by the Polish Council of Ministers, the commercial flights ban was extended until at least April 11th. Therefore, further changes were introduced in the schedules of carriers operating from/to Rzeszow...

ATTENTION! As a result of the decision of the Government of the Republic of Poland restricting air traffic in Poland, starting midnight on March 14th (the night between March the 14th and the 15th), all scheduled connections from and to R...

Tunisia may become a success of this year's holiday. On June 11th, the first passengers eager for the sunny beaches of Tunisia, will travel from Rzeszow Airport. Nouvelair's aircraft will take passengers to Monastir airport every Thursday. ...

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