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The summer season has already begun - the plane from Alicante was greeted with a water salute. Jasionka is getting ready for a record-breaking summer

Summer travel for air passengers in 2024 began on Easter Sunday, with the first flight arriving from Alicante on Wednesday. Charter flights are set to start in a few weeks. The airport anticipates handling 13 regular and 15 charter routes at the peak of the season, totalling approximately 120 passenger flights per week.

"Thanks to very good cooperation with airlines and tour operators, we are steadily expanding our network of connections, offering increasingly attractive destinations for our passengers. I am convinced that everyone will find something for themselves, although personally, Spain attracts me the most this year. We have been planning to introduce this route for several years now, and finally, we have succeeded" - says Adam Hamryszczak, Chairman of the Board of the Rzeszów Ulma Family Airport.

On Wednesday, the first plane arrived from Alicante, Spain, with Ron Karo as captain. This route operated by the Irish airline Ryanair is entirely new for Jasionka Airport. The new route was greeted with a water salute by the airport's fire and rescue service. The popularity of these initial flights suggests that flights to Spain could become a hit this summer. Starting from June 26th, travellers will have the opportunity to fly to Mallorca with the tour operator TUI.

This year's charter network at Jasionka Airport is once again impressively extensive. A record-breaking summer is anticipated, with over 40 aircraft rotations scheduled weekly. Travel agencies are offering routes to sunny destinations such as Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Albania, Tunisia, and Montenegro. Additionally, new routes to Izmir and Mallorca have been introduced, while flights to Enfidha are making a comeback. Some destinations are so popular that tour operators are increasing the number of flights from the Subcarpathian region. For example, last year there were 11 flights to Antalya, whereas now there are 17; flights to Heraklion will increase to five from the previous two or three, and there will be three flights to Burgas and Tirana instead of just one.

Those who prefer to plan their vacations independently, rather than relying on travel agencies, will also have a wide array of choices. Starting from March 31st, Lufthansa will operate two daily flights to Munich, considered a leading transportation hub in Europe. With more than 60 airlines operating flights from Munich to most continents, passengers flying with the morning flight will have access to nearly all convenient connections.

LOT Polish Airlines is reintroducing its intercontinental flights to New York/Newark (USA) and domestic flights to Gdańsk (from June to September), while Embraer aircraft will operate as many as 33 flights per week to Warsaw!

Ryanair operates year-round routes to London (Luton and Stansted), Manchester, Bristol, East Midlands, and Dublin. Starting in April, Ryanair will also fly to the previously mentioned Alicante and Zadar, and from April on, to Croatia as well (flights commenced last year in June).

Wizz Air will continue flying twice a week to Rome. Travelers will have the opportunity to spend their vacation or weekend in Rome, as flights will depart on Mondays and Thursdays.

Photo: Lukasz Ożóg/Rzeszów Ulma Family Airport

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