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Additional Lufthansa flights from Rzeszow to Munich

The leading European carrier launches four additional flights a week from the Jasionka Airport to Munich.

In the summer timetable 2018, Lufthansa will launch four additional evening flights per week on Rzeszow - Munich route. On Mondays flights from Munich will depart at 5:55 PM and return from Rzeszow at 7:55 PM. On Thursdays and Saturdays, flights from Munich are scheduled for 5:30 PM and from Rzeszow flights are scheduled  for 7:30 PM. On Sundays, flights from Munich are scheduled for 6:00 PM and return flight from Rzeszow is scheduled for 8:00 PM. The first new flights will take place on May 3, 2018.

"This is excellent news, long awaited by passengers of our airport" says Michał Tabisz, President of Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport. "Along with the dynamic economic development of the region, the needs of business customers, both local entrepreneurs doing business abroad and international corporations existing in Podkarpacie are growing. The higher frequency of flights from Rzeszow to Lufthansa hub in Munich will shorten the journey to the most important business centers around the world."

"Connections from the Podkarpacie region to the Bavarian capital are very popular, which is why we decided to respond to the needs of passengers by ilaunching additional flights. Lufthansa, together with other airlines of the Group, offers - together with Munich - flights to 130 destinations worldwide. I am convinced that the new connections will guarantee the inhabitants of the region even better travel opportunities for both, business and tourist purposes"  - said Frank Wagner, Country Manager of the Lufthansa Group in Poland.

In 2015, Munich Airport became the first European airport awarded the prestigious title of "Five-Star Airport" by London's Skytrax institute. Now Lufthansa has received 5 stars as the first airline in Europe and so far the only airline. Skytrax awarded Lufthansa with the highest rating in the aviation world at the beginning of December. And that is not all the awards: in March, the annual Skytrax ranking, Terminal 2 and The Satellite Terminal operated by Munich Airport and Lufthansa, received the title of the best terminal in the world. The awards have been granted in recognition of premium services and extraordinary comfort of travel, thanks to which every journey through Munich is a unique experience. It is the first terminal in the world that has been specially adapted to the needs of interchanges, which makes transferring to another aircraft in Munich very comfortable. No other European hub can compete with it with a minimum connection time of only 30 minutes.

Lufthansa believes in the business potential offered by the region. By offering Partner Plus Benefit program, it has a model loyalty program for corporate clients, as well as a travel management tool available to all companies in the region. In Poland, a total of about 8,000 companies take part in the Partner Plus Benefit program. Reservations can be made at and in travel agencies.

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