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Hasidic pilgrims at Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport

Almost 2 000 passengers arrived in February this year at the airport in Rzeszow on board of a dozen charter aircrafts in order to travel to Lezajsk to the grave of zaddik Elimelech Weissblum.

Orthodox Jews believe that the zaddik, on the anniversary of his death, descends from heaven and takes to God their requests for health, good fortune for children or success in working life. According to the Jewish calendar, this year the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary takes place two times: on February 26th and March 28th.

Charter flights with pilgrims are a great chance for aviation enthusiasts who are waiting with their lenses on aircrafts which are rarely seen in the Polish sky. In February, one of such a special machine was Airbus A321neo LR in the colors of the Israeli carrier Arkia (it was the first time in our country).  All of the aircrafts that landed at the airport in Jasionka during that time can be found in the gallery:

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