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Business Lounge

The Business Lounge is dedicated to passengers travelling by schedule and charter planes and VIP passengers travelling in domestic and international traffic.
The Business Lounge was designed for passengers who value comfort and convenience.
Showroom interior design is a combination of modernity and regional traditions.

The Business Lounge offer:

  • Buffet with hot and cold snacks
  • Buffet with cakes and desserts
  • Buffet with hot and cold beverages
  • Buffet with alcohol
  • Computers with internet access
  • Place to work
  • Unlimited, free wi-fi
  • Office equipment
  • Press
  • TV
  • Current information about departures


  • The Business Lounge is located in the Departures Zone , behind security checks / Schengen area at GATE 4 /


Terms of use:

  • Free admission to the Business Lounge:
  1.  Passengers travelling by  LOT PPL  planes , having the relevant qualifications (See the rules for admission)
  2. Passengers involved in  'Priority Pass' Programme 
  3. Passengers, who are the representatives of companies and  who have entered into an agreement with the Operator of Business Lounge - Centrum Obsługi Operacyjnej Sp. z o.o.
  4. Children under 3 years old
  • Paid entry to the Business Lounge:
  1. Individuals who do not have the access  to free entry to the Business Lounge
  2. Accompanying people to passengers holding  the Priority Pass Card
  3. Accompanying people to passengers travelling by LOT planes (See the rules for admission)



The Operator of Business Lounge:

Centrum Obsługi Operacyjnej Sp. z o.o.

ul. Działkowa 115, 02-234 Warszawa
tel.: (+48) 22 519 20 00 fax.: (+48) 22 519 20 05


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