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Aviation Fuels and transport

Rzeszow Airport Ltd is an exclusive supplier of JET A-1 and AVGAS 100LL.

Aircraft refuelling services are available 24/7. The Airport has its own fuel base with modern distribution systems.

High quality of fuels is guaranteed by qualifications of skilled staff approved by the LOT Polish Airlines Joint-Stock Company and the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.

We also offer road transport services of JET A-1 fuel under licence for domestic carriage of goods and passengers, in compliance with ADR requirements.


JET A-1 fuel per 1 litre
International and domestic carriers operating mainly international flights 3,87 PLN +0% VAT
Other international and domestic carriers 3,87 PLN +23% VAT
AVGAS 100LL per 1 litre
International and domestic carriers operating mainly international flights 8,50 PLN +0% VAT
Other international and domestic carriers 8,50 PLN +23% VAT

  • Price list valid from 18 June 2024.
  • Above prices do not contain excise duty tax and fuel charge.

Contact regarding price & availability:

The prices are negotiable for large amounts of fuel.

We accept AEG Carnet Fuel Cards          

In order to obtain aircraft fuel without excise duty tax by the domestic carrier, it is necessary to submit AKC-PR copy (document of supply) certified true copy by notary or solicitor.

Moreover, it is necessary to submit a statement/declaration, which can be made on the delivery note prepared in connection with refuelling. Then this document is known as document of supply if it contains at least:

  • ordinal number of document
  • delivery date
  • delivery place
  • aircraft name
  • type of fuel
  • fuel amount
  • signature of a person providing fuel on behalf of the main provider
  • signature of receiver

In case of lack of above-mentioned statement/declaration it is assumed that a carrier operates private flights of recreational character and price is increased by excise duty tax in the amount of:

  • 1,4460 PLN per LT of JET A-1 fuel
  • 1,8220 PLN per LT of AVGAS 100LL petrol

The fuel charge rate calculated on the basis of the provisions of the act of 27 October 1994 on paid highways and the National Road Fund (Journal of Laws, 2012, items 931, 951, as amended).

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