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Car Parks Plan


Number of parking spaces:
P1 Parking - 560
P2 Parking - 297
P3 Parking - 458

Short Term (P1) unguarded car park located directly in front of Terminal.
Long Term (P2 & P3) unguarded car park located on the western side of the terminal.

   In the case of online booking:  
When you drive up to the barrier, the ticket with the note reservation prints automatically. If it does not print out, please scan the QR code or contact the Parking Attendant using the handset button on the entry terminal.

   Important information:   
1.It is recommended that the ticket taken should be stored in a shaded area that is not exposed to sunlight or high temperatures. Proper storage of the ticket will ensure its readability.
2. After payment for parking, you must leave the car park area within 20 minutes.





Attachment No. 1 to Car Parks Regulations:


Car Parks Regulations

> Regulations for using the unguarded Car Park


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

> Frequently Asked Questions - questions and answers


Parking Consumer Complaint

The car park is the property of the Airport "Rzeszów-Jasionka" Sp. z o.o. in Jasionka and is managed by the company "APCOA Polska" Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw, 00-124, Rondo ONZ 1.

Ways of filing a complaint:
* sending an email to:;
* in person at the Parking Office, by filling in the form dedicated for this purpose;
* by letter to the address: APCOA Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Rondo ONZ 1, 00-124 Warszawa;
* by phone: +48 609 880 808.

Complaint form to download HERE

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