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Customs Control

Passengers arriving in Rzeszów, after reclaiming their luggage, pass through Customs. They can choose one of the two exit ways: 

  • the passenger choosing the crossing marked as nothing to declare does not carry goods exceeding the customs allowances for travellers
  • the passenger choosing the crossing marked as goods to declare carries goods exceeding the customs allowances


Written declaration is needed to import foreign currency and domestic currency exceeding the equivalent of Euro 10 000 in total.  The declaration should be given to the Customs representative at the airport.


Quantitative allowances for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages not indicating commercial intent:

  1. For tobacco products quantities not exceeding:
    • cigarettes - 800 pieces,
    • cigarillos (cigars weighing not more than 3 grams / a piece) - 400 pieces,
    • cigars - 200 pieces,
    • smoking tobacco - 1 kilogram;
  2. The quantity of alcoholic beverages not exceeding:
    • ethyl alcohol - 10 litres,
    • wine and fermented beverages - 90 litres, including sparkling wine - 60 litres,
    • beer - 110 litres,
    • intermediate products - 20 litres

Exemption from customs duty for the goods within established quantitative allowances is granted to travellers no more often than once a month.


Violation of customs or currency regulations entails criminal and fiscal responsibility.

The above information is general in nature. The laws are contained in the legal acts published in the official Journals of Law (Dziennik Ustaw, Monitor Polski) and every traveller crossing the border of the Republic of Poland should become familiar to them.

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