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Travelling with children

Each airline has its own regulations concerning travelling with children.

For detailed information please click the logo of a chosen airline.




Baby on board

Infants (babies under 2) are not entitled to a separate seat on a plane - they travel sitting on their parent's or guardian's lap. Some airlines allow to purchase an extra seat for infants but all carrier requiremnts must be met. 

Children above 2 occupy their own seat on plane.

Passengers travelling with children have usually priority to board.



While travelling with children you can check a baby pram free of charge at the check-in counter. You can either leave the pram at the check-in or leave it by the aircraft.


Food for baby

Baby food intended for consumption during the trip does not have to be packed in plastic bags, but it must be subject to security check.



The above information is general in nature.
Low cost airlines may charge additionally for the priority boarding.
For details please check airline regulations.

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